Jan-Christoph Borchardt

Open source designer, minimalist, feminist

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Co-founder & design lead (formerly at ownCloud) since 2011

nextcloud.com ↗ Contribute ❤

Open Source Design

Co-founder. Pushing great design in open source software. Organizing design tracks at open source conferences like FOSDEM & FOSSASIA.

opensourcedesign.net ↗ Thesis: Usability in Free Software Icons at The Noun Project ↗

Open Source Diversity

For more diversity & inclusion in free & open source software communities! 😊

opensourcediversity.org ↗ Contribute ↗

Keep or Sweep

Decluttering your digital life!

keeporsweep.net ↗ Hardware button tutorial ↗


Giving talks at conferences about various topics

Diversity and Inclusion in Free & Open Source Software ↗ Open Source Design at Drupalcon ↗ GNOME ❤ Nextcloud at GUADEC ↗

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read

Co-founder. Reading & rating terms of service

tosdr.org ↗ Contribute ❤

Making music

Playing piano, drums, and composing


Owning few things, focused on good design and sustainability

All my stuff ↗

Bicycle tours

Munich→Berlin on singlespeed, Germany→Albania→Milano with bivouacking, and more


Visiting east Africa’s hacker- & makerspaces, organizing events and making a documentary

africahacktrip.org ↗


Concerts & musicians, abstract, and portraits